We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.


Our personalized approach, attention to detail, and absolute commitment to customer service have helped us to become the highly recommended and premier janitorial service for the Las Vegas Valley that we are today.

Our staff members are highly skilled and have many years of experience and certifications. But, their dedication to making sure your needs are met doesn't come from that, it comes from within. Their desire to help and need to get the job done is embraced and appreciated by all of our staff and clients alike.

Long-term Business

We strive to provide you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us. 


Here at Brothers Building Maintenance, we promise to never unfairly take advantage of someone who needs our services. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference when you choose our company. We've also been family- owned and operated from the start. 


We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.


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2595 Chandler Ave. # 11

Las Vegas, NV 89120